Daniela Otero Vazquez

Managing Director and GM

Holds a degree in Marketing from Universidad Iberoamericana. Recently, she completed a master's degree in Hotel Management at the Anahuac University, as a prelude to her new adventure in luxury hotels.

As the leader of The Alest Hotel, Daniela Otero carried out a very meticulous curation of every aspect that makes up the experience inside the property—from administrative and design decisions to the selection and supervision of service protocols and the providers involved. She additionally decided on an exclusive signature fragrance for the hotel, a true aromatic imprint on the senses.

“One of my biggest responsibilities as General Manager is the day-to-day interaction with visitors, who will be treated as guests we have personally invited, and this includes everything from the moment we welcome them to the day of their departure. My mission is that our guests leave Mexico with the best possible memories of their stay. This will ensure that they become recurring guests at the hotel. To achieve this, the entire team that makes up The Alest and I design experiences, environments, and details meant to offer a unique experience that transforms lives and touches hearts,” explains Otero.

With this in mind, Daniela makes sure that everything encompassed by The Alest evokes memories that marked her stay in numerous international destinations. “Our priority is making our guests feel at home, and having staff tend to their every request, 24 hours a day. I think that it’s the little details that make all the difference, and that’s why we have staff members willing to really get to know those who visit us. Our personal touch and helpful attitude is what incites guests to want to come back.”

In this petite hotel that opened its doors in the heart of Polanco, travelers can expect personalized, bespoke service, along with custom suggestions. “We have put special care into creating exclusive dining and recreational programs for our guests, selecting only high-quality, authentic options. We want them to experience the Polanco neighborhood as their host neighborhood, with everything it has to offer, and also to rediscover Mexico City through original, authentic activities, while steering clear of uninspired tours that have become commonplace. All of the activities that we offer as part of The Alest Signature Experiences have our seal of approval, and we are sure that they will only be found through us. That fills us with pride and bolsters our enthusiasm. We trust that your stay at The Alest and your visit to our beautiful Mexico City will be truly memorable!”

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