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Sep 01, 2021

Casa Ku art store at The Alest

Casa Ku has a passionate perspective on details inspired through years of traveling the world and experiencing hospitality ideas and details from many different cultures. With this unique vision inspired by incredible details from various cultures, they have developed a range of products and consulting services that offer experiences and details of a bohemian-contemporary setting, inspired by various artisans from Mexico and the world. They work with their clients to deliver consulting products and services with the passion and care they deserve.

Casa Ku is continually inspired by its special and dedicated curation of products created by Mexican artisans, in which exquisite pieces and details of hospitality and bohemian-contemporary style settings are offered, selected over the years with great passion and dedication.

Coming from the Mayan language, Ku means God. And for Casa Ku God is love. From its conception to its creation, its intention is to bring that love and inspiration to your home. And thus to be able to fill all the spaces with harmony and light. Enjoy it!