Antonio Otero Vazquez

Director of the Board of Administration and Director of Operations

A Business Administrator with a degree from Universidad Anahuac, Antonio Otero enriches The Alest Hotel with fond memories of his many international family trips, making them come to life in this new property located in the heart of Polanco through bespoke services and personalized experiences within a modern and welcoming environment. "We want to make you feel at home", is his motto, befitting his role as the maker of technical and behind-the-scenes decisions for the hotel. His work, seamless and imperceptible, is needed in order to provide an unparalleled, extraordinary stay.

Every experience, recommendation, detail and service that The Alest offers has been orchestrated and executed by Antonio and his team, who have poured their heart and devotion into it. Otero's inspiration comes from moments that have made an impression on him throughout his travels. “I offer the kind, warm treatment I have received in certain destinations in the past. At times, I have been pleasantly surprised with small details, and we now do this for our guests. Feeling protected and in good company has allowed me to leave all worries behind, and it’s made me feel very special. That is, in my view, the difference between a good trip and an extraordinary one.”

Antonio Otero also played a central role in the property's construction project, as he coordinated and directed the entire process from start to finish. In this regard, he says, “We worked with wonderful people, such as Sofia Aspe and her team, who in addition to being charming, are true artists. Ignacio Jiménez and his studio, Beta Estudio, managed to build something inside the property that had initially sounded impossible.” On the other hand, with Enrique Suarez, CEO and founder of The Product Placement Company, a Marketing & PR agency specialized in luxury brands, who has done a splendid work giving The Alest an identity and incredible visibility, doing amazing alliances worldwide since our inception. With Montserrat Barros and Gary Williams doing the best training to all the staff through their firm Hospitality and Butler with the intention to serve our guests as royalty. 

The results speak for themselves—an eclectic and sophisticated design that inspires guests to unwind and enjoy, within the walls of an exceptional property with a British- inspired façade and a bay window that create a unique atmosphere.

Our desire is to provide each of our guests with an extraordinary stay and many reasons to return to The Alest Hotel.

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